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Check out jobs in Ireland that are paying really well

Empregos na Irlanda para imigrantes

When we think of good salaries, we think of positions that aren’t accessible to everyone. However, after the Covid-19 pandemic, several “ordinary” positions in Ireland are paying high salaries. Check out the great paying jobs in Ireland that are within your reach.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many Irish people have changed professions. In fact, most of these people started their own business and decided not to return to their old job. As a result, demand for some positions dropped dramatically. 

Thus, naturally, the salary or fees for some positions rose significantly during this period, following the logic of supply and demand in the labor market, creating new opportunities.

If you are looking for a job, or thinking about changing jobs, here are some viable options for you to earn well in Ireland.

Truck Driver – Up to €55,000 per year

On average, the salary of a heavy truck driver in Ireland is just over €44,000. In addition, this category has a bonus, which, on average, is €1105.

According to the website Salary Expert, beginner drivers start out earning around €33,000. Those who have worked for more than eight years can earn up to €55,000.

Plumber – up to €135,000 per year

The average starting salary is €48,000, plus an average bonus of €1,740 and an extra bonus of €25 per hour. 

In this way, according to a survey carried out by the Irish Jobs, you can already start the profession predicting an annual gain of around €40,000, and can exceed €135,000 after five years, if you are a good professional.

Nanny – up to €50,000 per year

This is the basic job for immigrants in Ireland. However, to stand out in the job market, you need to be creative, attentive and have notions of pedagogy.

If you charge around €50 per child, serving three children a day, you can earn around €40,000 a year. However, if you have pedagogy and do different activities, you can charge higher amounts, exceeding €50 thousand per year

Lidl or Aldi market manager – up to €100 thousand per year

The Aldi and Lidl markets constantly offer opportunities for those who want to work as a manager of its branches. It is worth noting that in addition to the salary, you still receive some benefits. So this is a great opportunity for you to put down roots in Ireland.

The initial payment at Lidl is €66,000, at Aldi it is €77,900, but after five or six years of operation, you can reach €100,000 a year. A highly competitive salary.

Where to find a job

Interested in some of these positions? Want to find a vacancy that’s right for you? So click here to see which are the best job sites in Ireland.

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Author: Thiago

I moved to Ireland 2012. I work as a business administrator and travel a lot to Europe with my work. I enjoy writing and athletics during my vacation and try to visit friends and family every year in Brazil.
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