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7 Small Towns Worth a Visit in Ireland

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On-call travelers know that the most common time to plan a trip is to choose to visit the capitals of the countries or the most well-known cities. And that makes perfect sense since tourism in these places is usually more common, many stories may have been recorded in these large cities and the structure of these cities to receive tourists ends up being better. But as always, there are people who like to get out of the obvious and explore more cities, in Brazil for example there are many small and historic cities or with natural beauty that has a very good flow of tourism.

In addition, people who prefer to travel more calmly or already know the big cities may end up preferring to return to certain countries to know something more than what they have already seen. In Brazil there are about 5,570 municipalities, while in Ireland, only 57. Of course, with the extent that Brazil has, it is natural that there are so many cities, likewise a municipality that is considered small in Brazil, can be large in Ireland or even what is considered small in Ireland could be considered extremely small in Brazil.

So, without any more comparisons on proportions when dealing with such different countries, let’s get to it, here is a list of 7 Irish cities that, even though they are small, have their charm and are worth a visit.

1. Tralee

This town is in County Kerry, on the south west coast of Ireland and is known for the cliffs, mountains and the view of the sea. The fact of being on the coast is already something very positive, since it is possible to see beautiful landscapes, one of which is the Blennerville Windmill, which is just behind the sea and in front of the mountains, a place where many people like to take pictures. It is a perfect place to relax, but in the month of August it can also be a place for excitement, as it has the Rose Of Tralee International Festival, which can be said to be the second most popular in Ireland, behind St Patricks.


2. Malahide

Staying less than 40 minutes from the North East of Dublin, this can be a perfect destination for anyone staying in the capital who wants to take a round trip or even overnight. The city’s biggest attraction is Malahide Castle and Gardens, where it is possible to explore from the large garden, for those who like nature, even the interior as rooms and other environments, also understanding the history of the castle. Although the castle is a great attraction, there is also Malahide Beach, which provides another incredible setting in this charming village.


3. Kinsale

This beautiful village located just 40 minutes from Cork has its differential, the main street is full of houses with vibrant colors, which give a special grace. The place has several restaurants that provide a high standard for food, and this attracts many people who love gastronomy to the place. There is a port that is full of yachts that is worth a quick visit. Another interesting spot to go is the Charles Fort, which overlooks Old Head of Kinsale and Bandon River.


4. Doolin

Also having colorful buildings Doolin has its charms, the small town that is located in the county of Clare on the Atlantic coast is known for having a beautiful sunset and that enchants anyone. The natives of the region are friendly and very receptive to tourists, and there you can listen to great traditional Irish music while enjoying the night. To enjoy the coast you can take a guided tour of the Cliffs of Moher to the Wild Atlantic Way, cliffs that extend up to 200 meters above sea level, going up to Hags Head. If you prefer a more leisurely stroll, know that there are also trails that lead to waterfalls in the region. In addition to taking advantage of the fact that it is a coastal region, you can go to Doolin’s Cave.


5. Adare

This lovely village just 20 minutes from Limerick represents a lot of antiquity, where you can find traditional Irish cottages. As a good historic place, the small town has two castles: one called Adare Desmond Castle, located on the coast of the village, and the other called King John’s Castle being a little further away. Another place worth visiting for those who appreciate Catholicism or even just church architecture is the Holy Trinity Abbey Church, which is beautiful both inside and out.


6. Belmullet

The small town is known for its extensive beach, cliffs and uninhabited islands. With its proximity to Blacksod Bay, the Belmullet coast is on the Atlantic and has extraordinary dunes. The region is great for fishing enthusiasts, as there are several types of fish in the area.

A very common walk in the region is Dún na mBó, a place of difficult access and practically hidden, besides everything on the way it can be dangerous due to the fact that it is an unconventional road and very frequented by sheep. Other than that, the tour is worth it!

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7. Eyeries

This village located on the Beara Peninsula in West Cork is very graceful and like Doodlin and Kinsale it also has beautiful little houses with bright colors. Something worth visiting is the Hag of Beara, which is about a legend that said that a “Goddess of Winter” (or just a witch) became a stone and is still sitting waiting for her husband, called “God of the Sea”.

The city overlooks Coulagh Bay and for those who love a good trail, why not take the Slieve Miskish Mountains trail?

The month of July may be more crowded due to the Eyeries Family Festival, but for those who like excitement and summer, it may be the best time to go.

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Now that you know about these 7 small towns but with their differences in Ireland, how about planning your next itinerary to get to know them?

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