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Youths in Limerick City attacking Brazilians and other immigrants

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Recent reports of racist attacks in Limerick city have sparked concern and outrage among local residents and communities. A disturbing trend on social media platforms, particularly TikTok, has emerged, where individuals are allegedly filming racist attacks and sharing them online.

Most recently, two Brazilian brothers were walking on the Childers road when they were attacked with a bar, after being asked where they were from. The event was recorded by the perpetrators, a group of young teenagers who seek out immigrants to assault, while sharing online. The attack left the victim with 6 stitches above his eye and a scooter needlessly broken deliberately by the gang. Many of these incidents have been documented recently in public places around the city, including streets and local businesses.

The sharing of these attacks on social media has raised further concerns about the normalization of racist behavior and the potential for copycat incidents. Many are calling for stronger measures to address the issue, including increased law enforcement presence and community education initiatives.

Sadly, despite the growing frequency of such attacks in and around Limerick, and the resources available to track down the culprits on social media, there is little said in the national news, radio or even local news outlets to raise awareness of this trend.

Author: Thiago

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