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Water Dublin: 14 Amazing Places to Dive Away!

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Hey there, Brazilian guys who are doing well on the Emerald Island! Pay attention to this stop: Dublin’s icy water is not only for the fearless, but also for those who want to have an awesome experience! That’s right, guys! We’ve gone after Dublin’s underwater treasures to bring you the top 10 places to go for a cool swim. Let’s check out this top list and enjoy this aquatic adventure?

1. Portmarnock Beach: Relaxing in Style

And we started in style, right? Portmarnock Beach is like an oasis for sea lovers. Just 40 minutes away from the city center and we are already in paradise. Quiet parking and lots of beach to enjoy. Oh, and don’t forget to arrive early to secure a spot in this piece of heaven on Earth!

2. The Forty Foot: The Classic Everyone Loves

This one is for the brave ones! The Forty Foot is a true classic and is a hit with Dublin swimmers. The depth is good enough to fall into the water at any time, without depending on the tides. You can easily enter the stairs or even risk a jump from the top, if you are fearless! Rumor has it that even Dublin locals recommend this stop!

3. Sandycove: Charme Beira-Mar

Right there, close to The Forty Foot, we find the charming Sandycove. Here is the right place to relax and practice paddleboarding and kayaking. And after the dive, it’s good to have a coffee to recharge. Just imagine: warm coffee with this amazing view to take your breath away!

4. Skerries: A King’s Day at the Beach

Skerries is quite a gift! A village full of charm and wonderful beaches, it is the perfect setting to spend a good day. Skerries South Strand Beach is golden and stretches for almost 2.5km. You can’t miss this opportunity, especially since it’s good to get there using public transport.

5. Bull Island, Clontarf: Close to Everything and A Little More

Want a quick and easy swim close to the center? Bull Island is the right answer! Plenty of places to change clothes and a leisurely walk to the water for those who want to take it easy. And the views from Poolbeg and Clontarf Promenade are a sight to behold. And then, just go to the cafes in the region to warm up. Happy Out, we’re watching you!

6. Poolbeg Lighthouse, Clontarf: A Scenic Dive

Want to enjoy views of Dublin Bay? Snorkeling near the Poolbeg Lighthouse allows for a scenic pre- or post-dive tour. It’s right there halfway to the lighthouse. And even if you get a little chilly on the way back, the emotion makes up for it too much!

7. Balscadden Bay Beach: The Dream Scene

Hidden behind some steep stairs, close to the village of Howth, this beach is a real dream. Views of the sea and cliffs of Howth Head, that is, it is an invitation that we cannot refuse for a sensational dive. And there’s plenty of room to relax and enjoy the sun like never before!

8. Seapoint: Rock’n’Roll in the Sand

If you enjoy taking public transport, Seapoint is the place to be! With several rocks and soft sand, it is ideal for swimming at high tide. You can even enter the water through the Martello tower. It’s a unique experience that’s super worth it, right?

9. ‘Hidden’ Beach at Howth: A Secret Adventure

This here is a tip that we can’t keep just for ourselves! At the very end of the Howth Cliff trail, this secret beach became famous on TikTok. Just be careful with the descent, because it’s kind of steep and slippery. But when you get down there, you understand why so many people are throwing themselves on this crazy trail!

10. Vico Baths: The Style of Harry Styles

Imagine that even Harry Styles liked this place! The Vico Baths are a little hidden there in the Killiney region, but just follow the lively crowd on a sunny day and you’ll arrive quickly. Steps and platforms for diving, with a breathtaking view of Killiney Bay. So, let’s imitate Harry and throw ourselves in the water?

11. Killiney Beach: The Beach of Dreams

The more accessible older sister of the Vico Baths is perfect for a dip. It’s right next to the Killiney DART train station, so it’s easy to get to. And after diving, you can still enjoy a coffee and a snack. The view from Dalkey Island to Bray Head is breathtaking!

12. White Rock, Killiney: The Hidden Gem

And look at another top tip for you! White Rock, in the next cove after Killiney Beach, is a real hidden gem. There is a staircase to get there, but every step is worth it for the sensational view of the surrounding rocks!

13. Irishtown Baths: A Seaside Pool

So, have you enjoyed the dives so far? Then come and experience the Irishtown Baths, a true seaside retreat. This is the place for you if you enjoy the vibe of natural pools. With calm and shallow waters, it is perfect for a relaxing swim. Play in this giant pool and enjoy the incredible view!

14. Dollymount Strand: Beach of the Winds

Ahoy, adventurers! It’s time to visit Dollymount Strand, the beach that the winds love! If you enjoy kite surfing or windsurfing, this is paradise for you. With shallow waters and a gentle breeze, it’s the perfect place to test your nautical skills and feel the adrenaline!

Ready to face these icy waters in style? Be true explorers of the sea and make the most of what Dublin has to offer. Don’t forget to pack a lot of energy, sunscreen and, of course, your young and adventurous vibe. Tag your friends to plan these epic adventures together and enjoy each dive as if it were your last. Go deep, sailor! ⚓🌊

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