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Irish culture is rich and diverse and this can be seen in their music production. In addition to world-renowned bands and musicians, such as U2 and Enya, there are several Irish songs that enchant listeners in the UK and Europe, produced by artists less known to the Brazilian public. 

If you like to listen to good music, while working, studying, doing household chores or simply want to enjoy a moment of leisure, this selection of the best Irish songs are ideal for you to put together an eclectic and interesting playlist. With well-known songs and others that you probably didn’t even know, we list some of the best Irish songs for you to know a little better about the musical production of this country.


U2 are without a doubt the best known Irish musical group in the world. With well known songs and a pleasant rhythm, the band, which started to be successful in the 80s, won 22 Grammy Awards, with 14 studio albums and a sales margin of more than 150 million copies worldwide. With so many outstanding songs, it is even difficult to select the greatest hits, but we can highlight:

U2 in Sydney by U2start. CC by SA 2.0

Christy Moore

With more than 50 years of experience, Moore is a musician, singer and guitarist, with more than 30 solo albums released in his career. He was also in the initial lineup of Atos Planxty and Moving Hearts. Among his hits are:

Christy Moore
Christy Moore by cybernoelie. CC by SA 2.0


Enya began her musical career playing traditional Irish music. Soon, she joined the group Clannad and then began his successful solo career. Ireland’s best-selling artist achieved worldwide fame with beautiful songs like 



In addition to these songs, there are others that perhaps you know and didn’t even know who were Irish. Check out some:

If you want to know more for the best songs in Ireland, also search for songs by the following singers and bands:

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