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Surprisingly Irish – Primark (Penneys)

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Primark, or Pennys as it’s known in Ireland, is a multinational clothing retailer, with headquarters based in Dublin. It is known for offering self branded collections of fashion and accessories for men, women, and children, at budget friendly prices. The chain is a huge hit for those visiting Ireland from Brazil, just as it is for Irish citizens. 

How was Primark founded?

The company started in Ireland, way back in 1969, when Arthur Ryan, a retail expert, opened the first store under the name Penneys, aiming to bring affordable fashion to everyone. 

What countries have a Primark?

The company operates stores in several countries across Europe, as well as in the United States and other regions. 

The full list of countries where Primark operated include Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland (branded as Penneys), Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia.

Why is it known Primark in the UK, and Penneys in Ireland. 

In 1973, Penneys set its sights on the UK market. Unfortunately, the name “Penneys” was already trademarked by the American department store chain J.C. Penney. Not wanting to give up on expanding to the UK market, Arthur Ryan had to come up with a new name for these stores. He cleverly created Primark, a name that still hinted at the original “Penneys” but wouldn’t cause any legal trouble.

Do Primark have online shopping?

While Primark doesn’t have full online shopping, their Click and Collect service, which is available for some regions in the UK, provides a limited option to purchase specific items online for in-store collection in certain regions. If full online shopping is crucial for you, you might need to wait until Primark expands this service or consider alternative stores with online purchasing options.

Are Penneys a good company to work for?

Whether Penneys (or Primark, depending on location) is a good company to work for depends on your individual priorities and preferences. They do offer competitive salaries and benefits, impressive growth opportunities and flexible working hours. On the flip side, they are busy stories, which can lead to a stressful environment at times. 

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