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Spend a romantic weekend in Galway

Galway City Romantic Trip

The city of Galway, as we have already mentioned here on the site, is one of the most beloved among Brazilians. Its unique architectural style and pleasant attractions make this city ideal for a romantic weekend. So if you want to fuel your love relationship, plan a weekend in Galway.

Every love relationship needs to be strengthened with special moments. Good restaurants, walks holding hands, private conversations and romantic nights. In Galway you can do all that, so it’s the ideal destination for anyone who is in Ireland and wants to spend a romantic weekend.

It is also worth remembering that Galway was once voted one of the friendliest cities in Europe. Because its environment is ideal for those who want peaceful moments and incredible memories.

Check out how to create your romantic weekend in Galway itinerary.


have selected some of the most charming hotels for you to stay in Galway. Start your trip by choosing a quiet place, ideal for couples.

Park House Hotel

A charming place, with top quality services, this hotel is one of the best options for a romantic weekend in Galway. In addition to cozy rooms and attentive staff, the hotel stands out for its award-winning restaurant.

Located in the center of the city, the hotel is also in a great location for night outings in the downtown area.

Glenlo Abbey Hotel

A five star hotel for those who want an unforgettable weekend. If you want to invest in a weekend you will never forget, then you need to stay at the Glenlo Abbey Hotel. 

The Pullman restaurant guarantees above-average service for those who enjoy refined cuisine.

The Stop

Those who prefer simpler accommodation can choose The Stop, which has a more modern decor. The hotel operates in Bed and Breakfast style (bed and breakfast), with an excellent breakfast.

Other hotels that you can consult are:

  • The Twelve hotel
  • The G hotel
  • The Ardilaun Hotel


The city of Galway offers plenty of charming restaurants that allow for a more intimate moment. 

The Aniar restaurant is an option for those who enjoy contemporary cuisine. Located in the central region, the Aniar is Michellin-starred and the kitchen is managed by chef JP McMahon. Incidentally, the restaurant also offers a cooking workshop. A must for couples.

A more affordable option is The Quay Street Kitchen, located downtown with a modern and cozy atmosphere.

The Ruibin is another popular option for those looking for a romantic meal. Prioritizing seasonal Irish ingredients, this is also a good option for those looking to experience the best that Ireland has to offer.

Other restaurants you can visit in Galway for a romantic dinner are:

  • Pullman
  • West Restaurant
  • Loam Restaurant
  • Pálas


One of the most romantic walks you can do in Galway is a picnic in Coole Park. The place is pleasant, with lush trees, green areas and an admirable view. So, if you want to plan a romantic weekend in Galway, make sure the weather will allow for this tour.

If you have a car, in less than half an hour you can reach a small town called Spiddal, which has wild beaches, charming cafes and restaurants. You can also use a ride-hailing app to drive to the location. It is worth spending an afternoon in this city.

A simple but very romantic walk is to walk along the Salthill boardwalk, which borders the sea. With a stunning and tranquil look, this is a good tour for photos and lighter conversations.

A walk down Quay Street can be a unique experience for both of you. A place full of bars, restaurants, street artists and entertainment. Ideal for getting to know the Irish people better.

Another interesting tour is the Galway market, which is set up on weekends. A typical craft fair, with handcrafted products and cozy food. Fantastic for a morning walk.

Build your itinerary

With these accommodation, tour and gastronomy options, you can create a beautiful romantic itinerary and spend a weekend, or even a whole week, in Galway with unique experiences.

Author: Thiago

I moved to Ireland 2012. I work as a business administrator and travel a lot to Europe with my work. I enjoy writing and athletics during my vacation and try to visit friends and family every year in Brazil.
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