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Some Weekend Destinations from Dublin

Weekend away Dublin

If you’re in Dublin and want a quick trip, what would be the best destinations? This is a common question for foreigners staying in the Irish capital for some time. So let’s see what places you can visit from Dublin. We have selected some cities that are worth a visit, whether for their natural beauty, cultural wealth or for being picturesque places. Whatever your urban preference, leaving Dublin you’ll find good options.

We select cities that are between 100 km and 200 km, so, if that’s the case, you can even go and come back on the same day. However, get ready to discover cities so charming that you’ll want to at least spend one night in them.


Our first choice is the capital of another country, Northern Ireland, which offers great Pubs, parks, historic buildings and museums, such as the Titanic Museum, the Museum of Modern Art (MAC), a fantastic botanical garden, in addition to the Grand Opera House and George’s Market.

The journey, whether by car, train or bus, will take about two hours. In addition, in Dublin it is possible to hire travel agencies that provide the tour. 

In Belfast, you can hire the Black Taxi Tour, which takes you on a tour of the city, passing by the main tourist attractions. 

Belfast has a big city vibe, with notable bars and restaurants. So, if you have a more urban style, or you like gastronomic variety, this is a good tour for you to do.

It is important for you to know that because Belfast is in Great Britain, the Euro is not accepted. Therefore, you will have to use Pound Sterling here.


If you are more into history, castles and admire medieval architecture, Cork is a great option for you. With narrow streets and numerous attractions from the medieval era, this is an enchanting place that takes us back in time.

Among the main tourist attractions are Blarney and Blackrock castles, as well as St. Anne’s Church and the famous Cork Butter Museum, which tells the story of butter, a different and graceful place.

The trip to Cork from Dublin takes about 3 hours, so it’s best if you spend at least one day in the city.


A city, indeed, a county, that only those who are in Ireland know. For nature lovers, this is the ideal place, because here you will find beaches, parks, lakes, waterfalls and everything else a nature lover could want.

Here, you can visit Lake Guinness , the village of Bray, Powerscourt Garden and the Powerscourt waterfall, which is the highest in Ireland. The Glendalough monastery is also worth a visit.

The best way to reach the county from Dublin is by train, which takes an hour.

The English Market by William MurphyCC by SA 2.0

Other cities

In addition to these cities mentioned, you can also visit Galway, which is a university city. If you are young, like to know bars and prefer a cultural environment, then you will enjoy visiting Galway, as the city was named the European Capital of Culture in 2020. The trip takes about two and a half hours.

For those who like a more picturesque walk and enjoy the tranquility of simple life, the best option is Skerries, which is 40 minutes from the Irish capital. The city is a fishing village, so this is the best tour to relax. This is the best travel option on a sunny day.

As you can see, if you are in Dublin and want to discover another city, there are plenty of options. No matter your preference, Ireland offers beautiful landscapes and welcoming people that you will hardly find anywhere else in Europe. Whatever your choice of trip from Dublin you will create amazing memories.

Author: Thiago

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