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Shopping in Ireland: the 10 best Irish souvenirs

Are you going to give someone a gift? Do you want to buy a souvenir from Ireland for your friends or relatives? Most people end up falling into sameness and buying magnets, key chains and other pendants with the symbols of Ireland. But, if you want to surprise someone with a legitimate Irish gift, follow the tips below:

Claddagh ring

This typical Irish ring can be used as a wedding ring or just as an accessory, and is often passed down from generation to generation in families. The jewel consists of a heart (which represents love), two hands (which represent friendship) and a crown (which represents loyalty). Legend has it that the ring was designed by a young man in love to propose to his girlfriend over 300 years ago.


The small town of Avoca, in County Wicklow, is home to Ireland’s oldest weaving factory. The factory was founded in 1723 by three sisters, and is famous mainly for its wool blankets and shawls. The price is a little high, but the quality is unquestionable. The brand has several stores around the country, including one on Suffolk Street in central Dublin and one in Terminal 2 from Dublin Airport.


Founded in 1857, Belleek is the most famous ceramic factory in Ireland, being exported worldwide. Even Queen Victoria was a customer of the brand in the 19th century. Legend has it that the quality standard was so high that, in the beginning, many inferior pieces were thrown on the River Erne because they did not pass the quality test. In addition to finding branded items in Ireland’s top department stores, you can visit the factory-museum in the small village of Belleek, Northern Ireland.


Newbridge Silverware is another prestigious Irish brand, famous for silver jewelry, cutlery and utensils. The brand’s pieces are highly sought after by Irish people as a gift for someone on special occasions. There are souvenirs, such as key chains and pendants, to complete cutlery for over € 1,200. A cheap and very cool souvenir is the collectible Christmas ornament – each year the brand launches a different one.


Scots disagree, but Ireland is the birthplace of whiskey. The drink, named after the Gaelic uisce beatha (or “water of life”), is one of the best memories you can have of Ireland, as long as you don’t drink enough to forget. In addition to the famous Jameson, you can opt for other equally prestigious brands such as Tullamore Dew, Bushmills, Redbreast or Green Spot. Remember the rule: the older the whiskey, the more expensive the bottle.


Although England is best remembered for tea, Ireland is the second country in the world in the ranking of consumption of the beverage per capita. The brands Barry’s and Lyons are the best known, and can be found in any supermarket for a few euros. If you are unsure which flavor to buy, choose Original Blend – no mistake!


The dairy industry is very strong in Ireland and, as a result, many farmers create their own cheese, with 100% artisanal production. If you are the type who appreciates fine cheeses (or gives gifts with ulterior motives), visit Sheridans Cheesemongers , the main reference in Ireland when it comes to cheese. There are stores in the main cities in Ireland.


Aromatic candles are inexpensive and please anyone. In Ireland, there are many legal brands that manufacture handmade candles, using all-natural and paraben-free ingredients. Among them is Clean Slate , which uses soy wax in its manufacture, making it ideal for vegans. Candella also uses 100% vegetable wax and bottles of recycled wine

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