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Over 1,000 Brazilians Traveled To Ireland in the Last Five Weeks

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The current situation of Covid-19 has worried governments around the world for several reasons, such as: deaths, economy, vaccines, variants, restrictions and even the mental health of the population. The current moment is not ideal for trips of any kind, including several professions that required international or national trips, now they try to avoid the activity as much as possible.

It turns out that each country has its rules and measures. Brazil is currently recognized worldwide for being a “high risk” country, because in addition to the country having a very high number of cases, it also has the Brazilian variant, which the whole world wants to prevent from spreading.

Even with all the restrictions and rules for entering Ireland, there are still ways to enter the country, of course, as long as you follow all the rules required by the country. According to the website in the last 5 weeks alone, 1,306 people arrived in Ireland from Brazil, and these same passengers stayed at the hotel to comply with the required quarantine time.

Although all the rules are very clear, the embassy received requests from Brazilians asking if they could be exempted from quarantine in hotels.

The new Brazilian strain of coronavirus is already circulating in Ireland, as well as the South African. For these reasons the number of travelers from Brazil, as well as from other highly affected countries, has drastically reduced.

Currently in Ireland the number of total cases of COVID-19 is 242,402, being the 61st country that has been most affected, while in Brazil the number is 13,758,093, being the 3rd most affected country in the world, but in 2nd place in the number of deaths from the virus.

On April 16, Fiocruz, a health science and technology institution of great prominence in Latin America, ends the week delivering a shipment of 5 million doses of vaccines to the Ministry of Health of Brazil.

Ireland, meanwhile, will be receiving 545,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine in the coming weeks, the Prime Minister of Ireland himself tweeted the information celebrating on his Twitter page.

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