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New attraction in Wicklow, takes tourists to walk in the treetops

avondale forest Park

Budgeted at 19 million Euros, the new attraction at Avondale Forest Park, in Wicklow, offers visitors the opportunity to walk more than 38 meters high, with unobstructed views, to observe the treetops, besides, of course, the beautiful landscape of the park. With the opening of the Treetop Walkway, the directors expect to attract around 250,000 visitors a year to the park.

Launched in July of this year, the new attraction consists of a spiral wooden structure, which totals 1.3 km of walking and 12 floors high, which allows a splendid view over the treetops. 

The curious thing about the project is that it was created in 2018, but when they learned that there was a very similar project in Austria, the technicians at Avondale Park decided to give this incredible observation tower a larger dimension, giving it a unique look in all of Europe.

To access the equipment, the ticket is from €11 to €14 per person, with an extra value of $2 for those who want to go down the giant 90-meter slide.

The ascent

As the tower has a slight incline, you don’t feel as tired as you climb it. That way, as you walk towards the top, in this spiral walk, you will be observing the landscape that is below you.

In a few minutes of walking you can already see some trees above them, that is, you can see the treetops, in a way that we rarely can see them.

During the ascent, several stopping points offer some additional attraction for children and adults, such as information panels and curiosities about the local fauna and flora. The more adventurous also have some specific challenges along the way.

It is worth noting that the structure is fully accessible.

The journey ends at a stunning observation deck, where you can look out over the park, hear birdsong, the River Avonmore and the Avoca Valley. The most incredible thing is that from the top of the TopTree Walkway it is possible to go down a mega spiral slide, 90 meters long. 

The Park

In addition to this attraction, which obviously becomes the most prominent feature of the park, Avondale Forest Park offers other charming spaces, such as the former home of the Parnell family, which was inherited by Samuel Hayes, a young lover of nature. who remodeled the place and named it Avondale House in 1977.

The park has a vast green area structured for those who enjoy tree climbing, trails and picnics. So, if you want to go on a trip with your family, or with friends, that involves contact with nature and a lot of tranquility, this is the ideal place in Ireland.

The park is located approximately 70 km south of Dublin, close to Wickow, a small town of approximately 11,000 on the east coast of Ireland.

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