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Live on an Irish Island, with the help of a €84,000 grant

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For those yearning to escape the bustle of modern life and embark on a rural or quiet adventure, Ireland has exciting news to offer. 

The country has recently launched a scheme aimed at rejuvenating over 20 enchanting islands nestled along its western coast, including the Aran Islands, which is a popular tourist destination off the Galway coast, popular among Brazilians and other nationalities that come to the West coast of Ireland. One such island includes the famous Inis Mór, whose breathtaking landscapes were featured in the popular movie “The Banshees of Inisherin” movie. 

Some other islands included in the list are Irish-speaking islands. 

The initiative includes grants of up to €84,000 for those eager to renovate vacant or neglected homes, with the intention of living in them, as opposed to developing for commercial purposes. Many of the islands identified have suffered from mass outward migration for generations, with many young people and families leaving to mainland Ireland for work or other opportunities.

Prospective island dwellers should be aware that purchasing any of the properties identified as suitable for the scheme does not automatically grant them the right to reside in Ireland.The scheme is, however, open to al. Luckily for Brazilains who may be fortunate enough to have the funds to purchase a property in Ireland, Irish law doesn’t restrict purchasing property to Irish citizens only. 

Currently, there are government officers working to identify suitable properties to be added to the scheme. 

Prospective islanders are encouraged to stay informed by visiting the Our Islands Policy on the government website,  and the existing refurbishment scheme

Author: Thiago

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