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Is it safe to drink tap water in Ireland?

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Yes, it is generally safe to drink tap water in Ireland. The country has high water quality standards, and public water supplies are regularly monitored to ensure they meet these standards. Water treatment facilities and infrastructure are well-maintained.

Tap water is subject to regular testing for contaminants, and the results are made available to the public. If there are any issues with the water supply in a specific area, local authorities usually issue advisories or warnings. 

Note also that fluoride is added to tap water in Ireland.

Do I need to boil water in Ireland?

Boiling water is a common practice in some places to eliminate potential contaminants, but in Ireland, tap water is considered safe and is regularly tested for impurities. However, if there are specific issues with the water supply in a particular area, local authorities will usually issue advisories or warnings.

Why is fluoride added to tap water in ireland? 

Ireland adds fluoride to its public water supplies for dental health reasons. The practice of water fluoridation in Ireland has been in place since the 1960s.

Fluoridation is the adjustment of the natural fluoride levels in drinking water to an optimal level for dental health. The addition of fluoride is intended to help prevent tooth decay and promote dental health, especially in communities where access to regular dental care might be limited.

What is the best bottled water in Ireland?

In Ireland, several bottled water brands are available, and each may have its own unique characteristics. Some popular bottled water brands in Ireland include:

  1. Ballygowan: Ballygowan is a well-known Irish brand that offers still and sparkling bottled water. It is widely available across the country.
  2. Volvic: While Volvic is originally from France, it is a popular bottled water brand available in Ireland. It is sourced from the Auvergne region and is known for its volcanic origin.
  3. Kerry Spring: Kerry Spring is sourced from a natural spring in County Kerry and is known for its purity. It is available in still and sparkling varieties.
  4. Tipperary Natural Mineral Water: Tipperary water is sourced from the Devil’s Bit Mountain in County Tipperary. It is available in still and sparkling forms.
  5. Deep RiverRock: Deep RiverRock is another widely available brand in Ireland, known for its still and sparkling water. It’s a Coca Cola brand and unfortunately it’s tap water, not sourced directly from any springs. 

What bottled water should I avoid in Ireland?

Avoid waters that are not labeled as mineral or spring water. This means avoiding River Rock, which is tap water. Always check the mineral content and any additional information provided on the bottle if you have specific preferences for the type of water you prefer.

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