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Irish Breakfast Places to Eat in Dublin

Irish Breakfast Dublin
Full Irish Breakfast Suzanne Mischyshyn/ CC by 2.0

Anyone who likes to try the local cuisine of the countries knows how breakfast is probably one of the most interesting meals to know, in Ireland it is no different. Although the most important meal in Ireland is dinner, breakfast in the country is very famous and even many people eat this meal at lunchtime as well, since it is very complete.

How about getting to know some of the places that serve a good Irish breakfast in Dublin?

O’Neills Bar

The pub located in Dublin 2 has existed for over 300 years, where live entertainment (in normal times) and a pleasant atmosphere can be found there. The restaurant has a full Irish breakfast on its menu, as well as different very attractive dishes.

Keoghs Cafe

The café that has existed since 1994 and is located in Dublin 2 seeks to offer healthy and homemade products to its customers. The place is not only famous for its Irish Breakfast, but also its scones and muffins. The full breakfast costs € 8.50, while the mini breakfast is € 7.50.


Also located in Dublin 2, this café offers a great breakfast menu and also bakery products. At Beanhive you can also find healthy, vegan and gluten-free dishes, as well as the delicious Irish Breakfast, which costs € 12.50.

The Woollen Mills

This cafe is located in Dublin 1 and has a beautiful view of the Ha’penny Bridge and the River Liffey. For those who like to enjoy a good view while enjoying a great meal, this is the perfect place. The menu is super complete, having not only the Irish Breakfast but several other delicious dishes.

Metro Cafe

Metro Cafe is located in Dublin 2 and has been operating since 1996, the place has a bistro atmosphere. The establishment serves breakfast of different types, lunch and dinner and is famous for always serving a brunch menu all day. The most special breakfast in the house costs € 10.50.

And which place attracted you the most? Just choose one and go to the next opportunity.

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