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How to open a company and 8 Tips for Brazilians who want to start their business in Ireland

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If you are Brazilian and considering starting your own business in Ireland, this article will provide essential information to help you on your entrepreneurial journey. Opening a company in another country may seem like a challenge, but in the land of Leprechauns, there is a favorable environment for foreign entrepreneurs. With a dynamic market and a growing economy, Ireland offers significant opportunities for Brazilians who want to do business and achieve entrepreneurial success.

Business Opening Process

When deciding to start a business in Ireland, it is important to understand the necessary process. Fortunately, starting a business in Ireland is a relatively quick and straightforward process. Company registration can take 3-5 days to process depending on individual circumstances. It is recommended to seek advice from an accountant or specialized lawyer to ensure that all steps are followed correctly and that all necessary documents are provided.

Minimum Equity

Unlike some countries, Ireland does not require a minimum capital to start a business. This means you have the flexibility to determine how much capital you want to invest in your business. The default amount is €100, but you can adjust it according to your needs and preferences. This financial freedom allows you to start your business with an investment that suits your personal circumstances.

Financing Options

When starting a business in Ireland, you may need to obtain additional funding to drive growth. Fortunately, Ireland offers a variety of financing options for entrepreneurs. In addition to Irish banks, which provide financial services and lines of credit, there are other alternatives available. Specialist lenders, private equity firms and even government programs such as those offered by IDA Ireland can be additional funding sources. It is recommended to research and evaluate the different options to find the one that best suits your business and financial needs.

Business Structure

When starting a company in Ireland, you have the freedom to choose the company structure that best suits your business and objectives. Options include Limited Partnership (LTD), Branch of a company abroad, Partnership and Sole Trader. While there is flexibility in the choice, it is important to carefully consider the legal, fiscal and administrative aspects of each structure. Limited Partnership (LTD) is the most commonly used structure and offers benefits such as limitation of liability and a more formal organizational structure. Consulting a professional who specializes in business law can help you make the right decision.

Tax and Labor Obligations

When employing employees in Ireland, it is essential to comply with local employment laws. You must register with the Irish Revenue Commissioners and operate PAYE (Pay As You Earn) income tax deductions. In addition, it is important to be aware of social insurance charges (PRSI) for both employer and employee. It is highly recommended to hire an accountant or tax adviser to ensure that all tax and employment obligations are properly met.

8 Tips for your Success, Future Entrepreneur

  1. Networking

In Ireland, networking is key to success in business. Take advantage of networking events, trade shows and company meetings to meet influential people and make valuable connections. The Irish business environment is welcoming and offers many opportunities to build professional relationships. In addition, visiting famous sites such as Blarney Castle and experiencing the tradition of kissing the famous stone of eloquence can yield a “gift of smooth talk” that can delight investors and clients alike.

  1. Presence on Social Networks

Don’t underestimate the power of social media to drive your business success. Take creative photos, share interesting stories and interact with your target audience. Social networks have great potential to boost your company’s visibility and attract potential customers. By using relevant hashtags and marketing strategies, you can increase your brand awareness and promote your products or services effectively.

  1. Partnerships with Local Businesses

An effective way to establish yourself in the Irish market is to seek partnerships with local businesses. Leverage the experience and customer base already established by these companies to grow your business. Joining forces with local partners can open doors to incredible opportunities and increase your company’s credibility in the marketplace.

  1. Continuous Professional Development

Seeking constant learning is essential for success as an entrepreneur. Take advantage of renowned educational institutions such as Trinity College and University College Dublin offering entrepreneurship programmes. These courses and workshops can sharpen your business skills, provide valuable insights, and help you stand out in the competitive marketplace.

  1. Celebration of Achievements

As you move forward on your entrepreneurial journey, don’t forget to celebrate each achievement along the way. Gather your team, friends and business partners to celebrate milestones achieved. These celebrations not only boost team morale, but also inspire others to follow in their footsteps and believe in the power of dreams and entrepreneurship.

  1. Taking Luck of the Leprechauns

In Ireland, there is a belief that Leprechauns bring luck. By considering this cultural heritage, you can incorporate elements of Irish culture into your business. Why not create four-leaf clover-themed promotions, run pot-of-gold-at-the-rainbow-inspired contests, and delight your customers with a touch of Irish magic?

  1. Irish festivals

Ireland is known for its lively and fun festivals. Taking advantage of this festive atmosphere can be an excellent strategy for promoting your business. Participate in St. Patrick’s Day Parade, decorating your shop or office in the colors of the Irish flag, and offering special discounts to revelers are all effective ways to attract public attention and increase your brand awareness.

  1. Learn the “Irish Accent” of Business

Just as the Irish accent delights people around the world, developing a unique communication style for your business can be an advantage. By adopting a relaxed approach and a friendly tone in your interactions with customers, you can tap into the natural charm and friendliness of Brazilians. This strategy can create an emotional connection with your customers and lay a solid foundation for your business to grow.


Ireland offers a favorable environment for Brazilian entrepreneurs who want to open a business abroad. With a relatively quick opening process, financial flexibility, financing options, diverse business structures and practical tips, you are well equipped to conquer the Irish market. Remember to take advantage of networking opportunities, explore the power of social networks, seek strategic partnerships and seek continuous professional improvement. With dedication, passion and an entrepreneurial mindset, you can achieve success in Ireland.

Author: Thiago

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