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How to declare income tax living in Ireland

income tax ireland

The deadline for delivering the income tax return in Brazil is May 31, however, if you are living in Ireland, know that in Ireland this deadline is until the end of October. Knowing how the tax system works in the country we are living in is essential to avoid legal problems.

Like any other country, Ireland has its own tax system and it is important to follow the rules and regulations. One of these tax obligations is the income tax return.

Income tax is a tax paid on the income that a person receives during the year. In Ireland, income tax is collected byIrish Inland Revenue (Revenue). The Irish tax system, as well as in Brazil, is based on a self-declaration system, where individuals are responsible for calculating and declaring their own taxes.

All residents of Ireland, including Brazilians living in Ireland, are required to file income tax returns if they have a source of income in Ireland or abroad. The source of income can come from wages, pensions, rents, dividends or other investments.

How to declare income tax in Ireland?

Brazilians living in Ireland must declare income tax by filling out a form available on the Revenue website, which can be delivered online or sent by post.

The deadline for filing income tax in Ireland is October of the year following the tax year. For example, for the 2022 tax year, the tax filing deadline is October 31, 2023. It is important to remember that if you choose to mail your return, you must do so early enough so that it arrives before the deadline.

How to calculate income tax in Ireland?

Income tax calculation in Ireland is based on an income bracket system. The higher the income, the higher the tax rate. The Irish Inland Revenue (Revenue) provides acomplete guide about the calculation, including an online income tax calculator to help calculate the tax you owe.

What tax deductions are available in Ireland?

There are several tax deductions available in Ireland that Brazilians living in Ireland can take advantage of. Tax deductions include health care expenses, education expenses, pensions, charitable contributions and more. It is important to check available tax deductions and ensure that all eligible expenses are claimed.

What is required to file income tax in Ireland?

To file income tax in Ireland, you will need information such as your PPS (Personal Public Service) number, income and expenditure details, details of pensions and charitable contributions, amongst other relevant information. It is important to keep accurate and up-to-date records of all your finances to ensure an accurate and complete tax return.

Here on the site, we have already explainedhow to get a PPS even without having a letter from the employer.

What if I don’t file income tax in Ireland?

If you fail to file income tax returns in Ireland, you are breaking the law and could face legal consequences. Revenue has the power to apply fines and interest on the tax due. In addition, tax non-compliance can affect your ability to obtain future loans or credits, as well as limit your investment and business options.

How to get help?

If you need help filing income tax in Ireland, there are several options available to you. The Irish Inland Revenue provides guidance and detailed information on the income tax filing process on its website.

Also, just like in Brazil, there are many accountants and bookkeeping services available to help with income tax preparation and filing.

To ensure an accurate income tax return in Ireland, it is important to keep accurate and up-to-date records of all your finances. This includes keeping receipts, invoices and other relevant financial documents. In addition, it is important to understand Irish tax rules and regulations and to seek professional advice if necessary.


Filing income tax in Ireland is an important tax obligation for all residents, including Brazilians living in Ireland. It is important to follow Irish tax rules and regulations to avoid legal problems and ensure an accurate and complete tax return.

It is critical, therefore, that you keep accurate and up-to-date records and seek professional help if necessary.

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