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How to buy a car in Ireland

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Anyone planning to spend a few months in Ireland wonders whether buying a car in Ireland is worth it. If you are thinking about this possibility, then check out our review and see how to buy a car in Ireland.

Before deciding to buy a car in Ireland you need to know some advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a vehicle. Therefore, it is good that you assess, before making a decision, what your real needs are when buying a car in Ireland.

Public transport in Ireland is very efficient, both for those who need to travel within the urban perimeter and for those who need to travel between cities. However, it is clear that there are positive points when buying a car in Ireland, such as:

  • Independence for all types of journeys
  • Possibility of using the vehicle to earn extra income
  • Humid climate

Why buy a car in Ireland?

Therefore, when buying a vehicle, the first advantage is the possibility of planning to move around the country. Despite the efficiency of public transport in Ireland, if you need to move around at dawn, for example, you will encounter some difficulties. In addition, having your own car gives you the freedom to go on trips, go to the market or to the mall whenever you want.

Another factor that leads some people to buy a car in Ireland is the possibility of earning extra income. As the younger population shows less and less interest in owning a vehicle, the demand for individualized transport increases. Thus, you can purchase a car to transport passengers or deliveries, for example.

The wet climate also drives many people to buy a car in Ireland. Because using public transport in the rain, or in winter, is a challenge. Taking into account that it rains a lot in Ireland, the car gives you the convenience of being able to go places without getting as wet as those who use public transport.

How to buy a car in Ireland

Buying a car in Ireland is very similar to the procedure carried out in Brazil. There are three basic ways to purchase a vehicle on the Emerald Isle.

  • Through a dealership
  • Buying from a private
  • person Buying a new car

Most Brazilians agree that buying a used car from a dealer is the best way to buy a vehicle in Ireland. These resellers need to follow rules imposed by the government to avoid fraud and deceit. Therefore, when you are going to buy your first car in Ireland, consider this to be the easiest way.

Buying a car from a private individual is also relatively safe, however, as in Brazil, the seller can mask some problems and defects in the car. And the purchase can end up generating more headache than joy. Therefore, only buy a car from a private individual if the person is trustworthy.

If you have the possibility of buying a new car, this is definitely the most recommended way. You buy a new product, with guarantees and all the advantages and benefits that are only guaranteed to the first buyer.

Compulsory insurance and fees

In Ireland, you must have compulsory insurance, called “thirdy party”. This is the biggest barrier for anyone wanting to buy a car in Ireland. This is because the annual insurance amount can be more expensive than the car itself.

The amount of insurance takes into account several requirements, one of which is the year of manufacture of the car. The older the vehicle, the more expensive the insurance. Therefore, here comes a positive point for those who buy a new car in Ireland.

Other documents needed to keep a car in Ireland are:

  • NCT – A document that needs to be renewed annually
  • TAX – A tax similar to IPVA in Brazil

Therefore, to buy a car in Ireland, know that there is insurance and these mandatory fees. 

Is it worth buying a car in Ireland?

After this analysis you can draw your conclusion if it is worth buying a car in Ireland. Despite insurance and fees being the biggest obstacle for those who want to buy a car in Ireland, it is worth remembering that, as the country offers good working conditions and fair wages, buying a car there is not a distant dream.

With planning and focus, you can make your dream come true and acquire the transport independence you’ve always dreamed of.

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