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How to access the public library in Ireland

Access to knowledge is a right of every citizen. In Ireland, public libraries offer book rentals, eBooks and even language courses completely free of charge. To gain access, you only need to register through this site.

To complete the registration, you will need to go to a public library (you can consult the addresses on this page) and present an identity document and proof of residence. But during the pandemic, this process is suspended.

While libraries are closed due to Covid-19, you only need to fill out the online form to receive your registration number and choose your password. With this, you will be able to access the online repository of books and other content.

What do public libraries offer?

In addition to public spaces with WiFi and a vast collection of books, encyclopedias and periodicals, citizens also have access to:

Instructions for accessing each of the online services can be seen on this page . Remember that access is completely free, which is a great tool for students, as many of these materials are expensive when purchased in stores.

If you are looking for a specific book, you can consult it using this link, without having to register first. If all copies of the book are on loan, you can reserve it and join the waiting list. And if the library doesn’t have the book you’re looking for, you can request it so the library can buy it or borrow a copy from another library in Europe.

By 2022, the Irish government intends to further improve the structure of the country’s public libraries, extending their opening hours, eliminating fines and offering spaces for coworking.

Author: Pedro

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