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Experiences of Brazilians who achieved professional success in Ireland

Brazilians in Ireland

Thayse Oguido: A Paraná woman that Conquered Dublin

Thayse Oguido is a determined and enterprising young Brazilian who left her mark in Ireland. Originally from Paraná, she decided to embark on an exchange adventure in Dublin with big dreams and an audacious spirit.

Shortly after arriving, Thayse dove headfirst into the job market in Dublin. Even facing some underemployment at the beginning, she did not lose focus and was always willing to learn and overcome herself. Her determination and perseverance led her to unexpected opportunities.

Thayse found her first job at a Lebanese restaurant. While working as a waitress, she was not only dedicated to providing excellent customer service, but she also used every moment to improve her English and build professional relationships.

Over time, Thayse decided to expand her professional perspectives and joined as a waitress in a casino. This experience was challenging, but she faced each obstacle with determination and a positive attitude. Thayse knew that each experience brought her closer to her goal of professional success in Ireland.

In addition to her journey in the hospitality industry, Thayse has also distinguished herself as an entrepreneur. She identified a need among international students looking for jobs in Ireland and decided to act. So she created Staff Wanted Ireland, an online community that connects students with job opportunities.

Through Staff Wanted Ireland, Thayse has helped countless students find jobs in Dublin and shared valuable tips about the city’s job market. Her innovative drive and passion for helping others have not only made her an industry benchmark, but have also given her a sense of accomplishment and purpose in her professional journey.

The story of Thayse Oguido is an inspiring example of how determination, the constant search for opportunities and the willingness to help others can lead to professional success in Irish lands. His journey shows us that it is possible to overcome challenges, embrace diverse experiences and build a rewarding career while enjoying an exchange program in Ireland.

Malu Rosado: From Overcoming Challenges to Entrepreneurship

Malu Rosado is a CI Ireland ambassador whose professional career is marked by resilience and success. Her journey began at a difficult time in her life, when she faced the loss of her father to cancer and found herself unemployed and with limited English language skills.

Determined to turn her life around, Malu decided to embark on an exchange program to improve her English and take advantage of the opportunities that Ireland offered. Even facing insecurities and homesickness, she was not discouraged and committed to making the best use of her experience.

Malu dove headfirst into her English learning, attending classes and dedicating herself to improving her language skills. She also found volunteer work a way to get involved with the local community, helping others and practicing the language in a hands-on way.

During his journey, Malu realized that many Brazilians faced difficulties in finding jobs and settling down in Ireland. This perception awakened in Malu the desire to make a difference and help his compatriots to achieve professional success in Irish lands.

So Malu created a blog and a project called “Successful Brazilians in Dublin”, with the aim of providing guidance, tips and resources for Brazilians who wanted to build a career in Ireland. His blog has become a reference for international students looking for jobs and a space for exchanging valuable information.

Malu’s dedication and entrepreneurial vision caught the attention of a renowned exchange company, which recognized his potential and offered him a partnership. This partnership allowed Malu to expand his mission to help other Brazilians achieve professional success in Ireland.

Malu Rosado’s journey is an inspiring example of how overcoming challenges, commitment to learning and the desire to make a difference can lead to professional success in a foreign country. Its history teaches us that with determination, dedication and an entrepreneurial mindset, it is possible to create opportunities and achieve success anywhere in the world.

Tips for Achieving Professional Success in Ireland

Now that you’ve seen these inspiring success stories, let’s share some valuable tips to help you on your way to professional success in Ireland:

Learn the Language: English is key to excelling in the Irish job market. Dedicate yourself to your studies, attend classes, watch movies and series in English and practice the language whenever possible. The better your command of English, the more opportunities will open up for you.

Look for Relevant Experiences: Internships, volunteer work and networking opportunities are great ways to gain experience and build a network. Consider joining projects, associations or groups related to your area of ​​interest. These experiences will enrich your resume and increase your chances of success.

Be Open to Opportunities: The path to success is not always linear. Be open to different possibilities and don’t be afraid to take chances. Sometimes a temp job can open unexpected doors and lead to surprising opportunities.

Do Networking: Meeting influential people and making connections is key to advancing your career. Participate in events, seminars and workshops in your field, and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and exchange contacts. Networking can open doors and provide valuable opportunities.

Stay Updated: Always be up to date with trends and news in your area of ​​interest. Follow blogs, specialized sites and participate in groups and forums related to your profession. Staying informed and adapting to market changes is essential to stand out.


Professional success in Ireland is a real possibility for Brazilians who are dedicated and make the most of their exchange experience. The stories of Thayse Oguido, Malu Rosado and other Brazilians are inspiring examples of how it is possible to achieve success in Irish lands. Remember that every path is unique and the road to success can be challenging, but with determination, dedication and a positive attitude, you can build a brilliant career on the Emerald Isle. Believe in yourself, follow your dreams and achieve the professional success you deserve!

Now it is your turn! Share with us in the comments your experiences and challenges in the search for professional success in Ireland. Let’s together inspire and motivate other Brazilians to achieve their professional goals in this land full of opportunities. Good luck and much success!

Author: Thiago

I moved to Ireland 2012. I work as a business administrator and travel a lot to Europe with my work. I enjoy writing and athletics during my vacation and try to visit friends and family every year in Brazil.
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