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Dublin on Fire: The 6 Incredible Openings That Will Shake Up the City!

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So, everyone enjoying the greenery of Ireland! Get ready for an explosion of flavors, fun and incredible news, because Dublin is on fire with six sensational openings that are causing everyone to talk this week! If you are part of the team that loves to be up to date with the latest trends and don’t want to miss any opportunity to make the most of everything the city has to offer, hold on to your heart (and your hunger), because this guide is a true invitation to Most incredible experience you will have!

Have you ever imagined tasting the most innovative and delicious creations that Dublin has to offer? Well, this is your chance! If you are the type of person who loves to venture into new places and try unique flavors, get ready to embark with us on this gastronomic and fun journey that will make you fall in love with the city even more!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran of Dublin’s food scene or just arriving and want to discover the best the city has to offer. This guide is for all lovers of good food, good company and, of course, good vibes! Let’s explore the city’s hottest openings together and dive head first into an experience that will remain memorable.

So, are you ready to live a week that will go down in history? So, buckle up, tune your palate and put the fun in maximum mode, because we are about to embark on a journey full of flavors, culture and unforgettable moments. Come with us, because this is your chance to discover what’s new on the Dublin scene and create memories that will last forever! 🍽️🎉

1. Landing in Style: “The Mezz” – The New Gastronomic Spot at the Airport!


You know that feeling of anxiety and excitement before a trip? Now imagine being able to calm those emotions with incredible flavors before taking off. This is exactly what The Mezz brings to passengers departing from Dublin Airport Terminal 2. It’s not just fast food here, it’s a first-class culinary experience that promises to elevate your journey before you even board!

And the news does not stop there! You can mark your calendar now, because Cloud Picker is opening three incredible cafes next week. Specialized coffee and exclusive delicacies await you. If the anticipation of the trip was already great, can you imagine now having a heightened sense of taste?

2. Kyodai Izakaya: The Perfect Trinca – Food, Bar and Clubbing in the Heart of the Banks!


Who said you have to choose between a restaurant, a bar and a nightclub? The people at Kyodai Izakaya believe that it is possible to have all of this in one place. And they’re making it happen on the shores of Dublin! With a bold proposal to offer authentic Japanese cuisine, combining familiar flavors with new experiences, they are causing a real gastronomic stir.

From traditional sushi to innovative dishes, Kyodai Izakaya brings the perfect fusion between classic and contemporary. So, ready to taste the best Japanese dishes and then dance the night away, all in the same place?

3. Fired Up: The Taste of Pizzas That Warm the Soul – Now in Donnybrook!


Fired Up is already a favorite in Dublin when it comes to wood-fired pizza. And now, they’re bringing the flavor even closer to you with their third sensational pizzeria in the city. If you already know this explosion of flavors, you can prepare to be surprised again. And if it’s your first time, know that you’re about to discover what a true artisanal pizza is!

Thin and crispy dough, fresh ingredients and a touch of passion in each piece. There’s no way to resist this gastronomic temptation that literally warms the soul. It’s the pizza you’ve always wanted, now even more affordable!

4. Greenville Deli: Legendary Sandwiches Arrive in Monkstown!


If you don’t know Greenville Deli yet, you can prepare your heart because this is an experience you can’t miss. After winning the hearts (and stomachs) of Rathmines and Inchicore, they are coming to Monkstown to bring the legendary taste of their incredible sandwiches!

Whatever your taste, they have the perfect sandwich for you. From the most traditional to the most daring, get ready for an explosion of flavors that will make you fall in love at the first bite. So, ready to taste the best of Greenville Deli on the coast?

5. Umi: A Taste of Dubai in Dublin – Now on Drumcondra Road!


Who’s a fan of falafel? Umi is here to show you what a true taste of the Middle East is! Specializing in authentic Palestinian food, this place is a true paradise for those who love exotic and irresistible flavors. And now, with the sixth unit open on Drumcondra Road, you have even more reasons to indulge in this feast of flavors!

From the crispiest falafels to the juiciest wraps, every bite is a direct journey to Dubai’s taste buds. If you haven’t tried it yet, know that you are about to discover a new world of flavors. And if you’re already a fan, well, you already know that there’s no way to resist this temptation!

6. Dublin Art Bar: Neon Painting and Cold Drinks in the Heart of Baggot Street!


Art and drink go together more than you might think, and the Dublin Art Bar is here to prove it. Just imagine, you can paint while drinking and create true masterpieces between sips! Isn’t it incredible? This is the perfect place to unleash your creativity and have fun like never before.

Whether for a corporate party, a stag party or simply a night of fun with friends, the Dublin Art Bar is the space where imagination flows as much as cold drinks. And who knows, maybe you’ll walk away with a work of art that you created yourself. Let’s color the night and the glasses?

Dublin on Fire with the Best Openings!

So, guys, are you ready to dive head first into this gastronomic and entertainment itinerary that Dublin has to offer? With these six incredible openings, the city is hotter and tastier than ever. Whether savoring the Japanese authenticity at Kyodai Izakaya, indulging in the irresistible pizzas at Fired Up, or unleashing your creativity at the Dublin Art Bar, you have plenty of reasons to make this week a true party!

So, you know, tag your friends, make plans and throw yourself into this mix of flavors, experiences and fun that Dublin has to offer. And oh, don’t forget to share this sensational guide with the people who also love to be up to date with the latest news in the city. Let’s leave Dublin on fire together! 🎉🔥

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