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Dublin in September: The Definitive Guide to Enjoying the City!

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Hey guys in Ireland! It’s time to shake the routine and rock the September vibes in Dublin. Summer is saying goodbye, but the fun is just beginning! Get ready for a month full of amazing events that will have you jumping with joy (or, who knows, air guitar). Here is the list of the best parties, concerts and festivals for you to be present and make an impact on your timeline! Here we go? 🎉

1. Arlo Parks at The Olympia: Bringing Groove to the Capital

Do you enjoy that sound that hugs you and makes you travel in the lyrics? Arlo Parks is the answer! With her engaging voice and songs full of meaning, she will transport you to a universe where the soft vibe of autumn meets the warmth of passionate hearts. On September 5th, The Olympia will become a veritable musical haven. Get ready to dance, sing and lose yourself in the catchy melodies. Arlo Parks is ready to take you on this sonic journey!

2. Dublin VegFest: Taste, Inspiration and Eco-Awareness

If your curiosity is piqued and you want to discover a new world of flavors, Dublin VegFest is the right place. It doesn’t matter if you’re a confirmed super vegan or if you’re just curious to explore new culinary horizons, this festival has something for everyone. In addition to enjoying incredible dishes, you will also have the chance to listen to inspiring talks and meet people who share the same love for nature and food. After all, food is love, and love is what this festival is full of positive energy!

3. Peter McGann: Laughing Yourself Down with the Big Lad

Who knew that funny guy on Instagram would be live and in the flesh on Vicar Street? Get ready for a night of pure relaxation and uncontrolled laughter. With his sharp vision and jokes that hit the spot, Peter McGann will transform the stage into a true comedy playground. From everyday dilemmas to the most unusual observations, he will have you laughing until the last minute. Get your abs ready for the giggling spasms, because this night is going to be epic!

4. Mexican Independence Day: Colors, Flavors and Lots of Partying

Long live Mexico! On September 15th, Ireland will get a spicy and colorful touch with the celebration of Mexican Independence Day. If you miss the vibrant colors and contagious energy of this amazing country, this is your chance to get away. Harcourt Hotel & Bar will transform into a real piece of Mexico, with mariachis playing their catchy tunes, Latino DJs commanding the dance floor and a delicious selection of authentic dishes. Get ready to immerse yourself in Mexican culture and enjoy a night full of joy and flavor!

5. CHURCH OF BEYONCÉ: A Mass in Honor of Queen B

The Queen of Pop deserves all the honors, right? And if we can’t have her on stage in Ireland, how about a real “Church of Beyoncé”? On September 15th, The Well will transform itself into a music sanctuary, with hits that marked generations and choreographies that will make you dance to the floor. Don your “Single Ladies” best and get ready to sing “Halo” like there’s no tomorrow. It’s the perfect night for all members of the Beyhive to come together and celebrate the power of Queen B!

6. UEFA Nations League: The Irish Football Classic

If you’re one of those people who thrills with every goal and gets emotional with every play, the UEFA Nations League at the Aviva Stadium is the place for you. The world of football will come to a halt on September 23rd when Ireland’s women’s team take to the field to face their northern neighbours. It will be a historic game, full of rivalry, passion and, of course, a lot of skill. The crowd will be strong, creating an unparalleled atmosphere. Wear your colors, prepare your chants and support the players in a match that will go down in history!

7. National Cinema Day: Cinephilia on Sale!

Ready for a whole day dedicated to cinema? On the 2nd of September, lovers of the seventh art have an appointment on the big screens of Dublin. With tickets for just €4, you can settle into your favorite armchair and immerse yourself in a marathon of epic films, heartwarming dramas and laugh-out-loud comedies. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy that classic you’ve always wanted to see in the cinema or venture into the hottest releases. Popcorn in hand, lights off and… action!

8. Culture Night: Celebrate Culture for Free

Culture Night is like a huge free cultural buffet, and you are the guest of honour! On the 22nd of September, the entire country becomes the scene of unmissable events, from art exhibitions to exciting theatrical performances. The best of everything? Admission is free! It’s a chance to immerse yourself in rich Irish and international culture, exploring museums, galleries and cultural spaces in a unique and immersive way. Venture through the streets, discover new talent and celebrate culture in all its diversity.

9. Rocktoberfest: Beer, Rock and Fun at Rascals Brewery

Rock lovers, get ready for an experience that will make your souls vibrate! At Rocktoberfest, taking place at Rascals Brewery on September 23rd, you will be able to enjoy the best chords accompanied by a cold beer. There’s a party vibe, so bring out your rockstar side and let loose on the dance floor. In addition to the catchy music, you’ll also have the chance to sample local and international beers, and even make your mark with stylish graffiti. One thing is for sure: this party will make history!

10. Dublin Fringe Festival: Art and Creativity on the Boil

Get ready to dive headfirst into a whirlwind of creativity, because the Dublin Fringe Festival is here! Between the 9th and 24th of September, the city will become a veritable playground for artists and spectators. From daring performances to interactive exhibitions, you’ll witness the effervescence of the contemporary art scene. It’s the perfect opportunity to be surprised, get emotional and leave with your mind bubbling with inspiration. Don’t miss the chance to experience this festival that celebrates freedom of expression and boundless imagination.


So, is the excitement at its maximum? With this epic list of events, you’re ready to rock Dublin for the entire month of September. From shows that will make you dance to lectures that will make you reflect, fun is guaranteed for all tastes and styles. Don’t waste time, call your friends, put your best smile on your face and leave for a month full of adventures, culture and lots of fun. Dublin awaits you with open arms, ready to provide you with moments that will last forever in your memory. Live September in style and make every day an amazing experience! 🎉🍀

Author: Thiago

I moved to Ireland 2012. I work as a business administrator and travel a lot to Europe with my work. I enjoy writing and athletics during my vacation and try to visit friends and family every year in Brazil.
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