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Discover the film sets of the movie “PS I Love You” in Ireland

PS I love you Ireland locations

One of the most successful romantic films in recent years was “PS: I Love You”. Few people know, but most of the movie sets were close to Dublin. Therefore, if you liked the film and found its environments charming and want to get to know them, find out how you can visit them.

In addition to a spectacular screenplay, the film “PS I Love You” enchanted the public with its screenplay and stunning scenery. What a lot of people don’t know is that most of these places are in Ireland. Therefore, if you want to set up a tourist itinerary with beautiful green areas and stunning scenery, check out these tips.

According to the IMDb website, the movie sets in Ireland were:

  • Glendalough, County Wicklow
  • Whelans Pub, Wexford Street, Dublin
  • Killruddery House & Gardens
  • The Sally Gap, Mountains of Wicklow, County Wicklow
  • Wicklow Gap, County Wicklow
  • Lacken Village , County Wicklow
  • Enniskerry, County Wicklow
  • Blessington, County Wicklow

In addition to scenes in some other parts of Ireland, in particular in Wicklow and the locations made in the United States. So check out why you should visit these places.


If you like natural beauties, therefore, you must visit this place, which brings together a rich history for lovers of archeology, in addition to an exuberant animal life. Several monasteries were built here, so the medieval look in the middle of nature offers a unique and inspiring environment. 

Whelans Pub, Wexford Street, Dublin

A unique pub, with a cozy atmosphere, distinctive drinks and a friendly atmosphere, this is the perfect place to experience Dublin’s nightlife. In the film, this pub is the setting where the romance between the main characters takes place.

Killruddery House & Gardens

Located in the town of Bray, this large house reflects the romantic atmosphere of the film. The producers nailed it in choosing local tees. Its gardens, restaurant and architectural beauty make it the ideal place for couples and families to relax and enjoy the day in a peaceful and gentle atmosphere.

The Sally Gap, Wicklow Mountains

One of the film’s most iconic scenes takes place on a bridge in the Wicklow Mountains. Then, you need to take this tour. The Sally gap is a picturesque place, where a small road, practically deserted, blends with the landscapes of the beautiful mountains around. If you’re looking for a secluded place to take stunning photos, this is the ideal place

Lacken Village

A small village on the shores of Lake Blessington, with a romantic and peaceful atmosphere. If you dream of getting to know a small town in Ireland, with peaceful residents and a very calm pace of life, then you need to stay a few days in Lacken Village.


Close to Dublin, this village is known as the garden of Ireland. The villa was built to house the staff of the Powerscourt mansion. This charming villa is a great place to spend a quiet afternoon, eating a homemade cake and sipping delicious coffee. Therefore, if you want to take a day trip from Dublin, you need to get to know this city, which is less than an hour away from the Irish capital by car.


Anyone who enjoys contact with nature needs to get to know Blessington, a town that offers several walks along trails and routes, walking or cycling. Leaving Dublin, it takes less than an hour by car to reach this village, so it is a great option for a weekend getaway for those staying in the Irish capital.

Hit the road!

All of these places are close to the capital Dublin, so you can visit them without having to travel far from the Irish capital. When putting together your itinerary, you could, for example, visit Blessington and Enniskerry in a weekend. As well as making a weeklong itinerary to get to know the areas located in Wicklow.

If you like stunning locations, charming regions, peaceful villages and a cozy atmosphere, visiting the places where the movie “PS I love you” was recorded is a good way to discover charming places that will win your heart.

Author: Thiago

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