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Brazilians in Ireland impacted by latest immigration changes

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In a move that will affect many Brazilians seeking asylum in Ireland, Minister for Justice Helen McEntee has announced the addition of five countries to the list of “safe countries of origin”. Brazil is one of the countries added to the list, along with Egypt, Morocco, India, and Malawi.

This designation means that asylum seekers from these countries, including Brazilians, will have their International Protection applications dealt with within three months. The accelerated processing is part of the government’s efforts to address concerns about immigration, which has become a major concern for the public in opinion polls.

IPAS figures show that the number of asylum seekers from Brazil has been steadily increasing, but the exact number is not clear due to changes in the way the Department of Integration publishes its figures. Last year, there were 65 asylum seekers from Brazil, but the current number is unknown.

The designation of Brazil as a “safe country” of origin has raised concerns among human rights advocates, who argue that this label may not accurately reflect the human rights situation in Brazil. The Irish Refugee Council has expressed concerns about the addition of Brazil to the list, citing concerns about human rights abuses in the country.

Labour leader Ivana Bacik and People Before Profit-Solidarity TD Paul Murphy have also raised concerns about the impact of this designation on Brazilians seeking asylum in Ireland. They argue that the government’s move may reduce the rights of asylum seekers from Brazil and make it harder for them to access international protection.

Despite these concerns, the government believes that adding Brazil to the list of “safe countries” of origin will help to streamline the asylum process and address concerns about immigration. However, human rights advocates will be closely watching the impact of this designation on Brazilians seeking asylum in Ireland.

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