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Brazilian Nightlife in Dublin: The Top 3 Bars for Brazilians

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If you are part of the Brazilian community that has chosen Dublin as your home away from home, then you are about to discover something incredible. The nightlife in Dublin is famous around the world, but there’s a well-kept secret we want to share with you. This article is an invitation to a unique journey through the city, where we will explore the best places that offer a taste of Brazil in the heart of the Irish capital.

Here, it’s not just about enjoying local beer or watching rugby games in traditional Irish pubs. Dublin offers a universe of options for you to celebrate Brazilian culture, from samba and pagode to the delicious feijoada and the iconic caipirinha. For those moments when you miss your home country, these places become havens of joy and connection.

So, get ready for an exciting journey through the three best bars for Brazilians in Dublin. Discover where you can watch football games, dance to Brazilian music and taste dishes that remind you of home food. We’ll dive deep into the vibrant atmosphere of these places and share information about what makes each of them so special.

1. The Wool Shed Sports Bar – Brazilian Flavor in a Traditional Australian Bar


The Wool Shed Sports Bar, originally Australian with a Brazilian touch, is an unmissable place for those who like to watch football matches, MMA fights and other sports among the crowd. This bar that started in Dublin in 2003 is open every day of the week and is known for its lively, sporty atmosphere. The place has three large screens and 22 high definition TVs, as well as four bars spread over three floors. As for drink options, you’ll find more than 50 types of beers, including local and international options, as well as lemon, strawberry or passion fruit caipirinhas. If you miss Brazilian food, you can satisfy your craving with delicious tapioca dishes served with sweet and sour pepper sauce or homemade corn cake with guava topping. Even if you’re not a big sports fan, don’t worry! The bar also hosts regular Brazilian and South American party nights, with live music, karaoke, DJ and more.

Address: Parnell Street, Dublin 1, D01K5N8.

2. Hill 16 Pub – Guaranteed fun in an Irish pub with a Brazilian soul


With events every day, Hill 16 Pub has a program aimed mainly at the Brazilian public. In addition to broadcasting football matches, the pub offers live music nights on its weekly schedule, including samba, pagode and country bands. For lovers of good cuisine, every Wednesday and Saturday, from 12pm, the bar serves a super feijoada! On the menu, you will also find guaraná, condensed milk pudding, as well as dishes made with filet mignon or chicken breast accompanied by rice, beans and French fries. If you like dancing, the pub usually hosts “forró” nights with a live band, free entry and guaranteed fun. It’s worth following the weekly agenda on the pub’s social media.

Address: 30 Middle Gardiner Street.

3. Dicey’s Garden – The Brazilian’s favorite spot


If you like the nightclub atmosphere, you need to visit the Brazilian haunt in Dublin: Dicey’s Garden. With a younger audience and affordable drink prices, the place wins over everyone with its nights full of music of all styles, from pop to funk. The nightclub has different environments, such as an open patio for smokers, a space with a dance floor, bar and booths. Even on weekdays, Dicey’s Garden is crowded, so remember to arrive early to make the most of the varied spaces. Since its reopening following the COVID-19 pandemic, tickets to the nightclub must be secured in advance, and tickets cost €1.

Endereço: 21-25 Harcourt St, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2, D02YF24.

Amidst all the new things and challenges of living in Dublin, there is nothing better than knowing that there are welcoming places to minimize your longing for Brazilian culture, reminding you of your country, whether through music, football, food or caipirinha. . In addition to the fun, in all of these places, you will also have the chance to meet amazing people who understand what it’s like to be an immigrant in another country.

So, what did you think of our tips? We hope this article has been useful for your journey in Dublin! Tag your friends, share this article and get ready to feel the energy of Brazil in the Irish capital!


We have reached the end of our journey through Brazilian nightlife in Dublin, and we hope this experience was as exciting for you as it was for us. Throughout this article, we explore three incredible places that offer a little piece of Brazil in Irish lands.

The Wool Shed Sports Bar presented us with a lively sports environment with a hint of Brazil, perfect for those who love watching games and enjoying a good caipirinha. Hill 16 Pub surprised us with its musical agenda full of Brazilian rhythms, as well as serving mouth-watering feijoada. And, for those who like to dance and enjoy the night, Dicey’s Garden offers a party atmosphere at affordable prices.

But these places are more than just bars and pubs; They are meeting points for the Brazilian community in Dublin, where you can share special moments with people who understand what it’s like to live far from home. Furthermore, they remind us that Brazilian culture is rich, diverse and alive anywhere in the world.

Now that you know these Brazilian hideaways in Dublin, we invite you to explore each one of them, celebrate their culture and make new friends. Dublin is an incredible city, and these places make the experience of living here even more special.

So, raise your caipirinha, bow to the Brazilian flag and continue enjoying everything Dublin has to offer. After all, nightlife in Dublin is exciting, but when you add a Brazilian touch, it becomes truly unforgettable. Until the next party, until the next game and until the next meeting with Brazilian friends in Dublin. Make the most of it!

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