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Brazilian Entrepreneurs on Irish Soil: A Success Story

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In recent years, Ireland has become an increasingly attractive destination for Brazilians looking for new opportunities. Attracted by the promise of a favorable business environment and an exceptional quality of life, many Brazilians are packing their bags and bringing their ideas and entrepreneurial energy to the Emerald Isle. A new report released by the Brazil-Ireland Chamber of Commerce revealed that there are currently more than 1,300 Brazilian companies operating in the land of shamrocks and Celtic culture. These ventures are not only enriching the Brazilian community in Ireland, but also contributing significantly to the local economy, generating over €100 million in revenue.

The Brazilian Entrepreneurial Community in Ireland: Diversity and Determination

Ireland is now home to around 70,000 Brazilians, a community that grows every year. This diversity of experiences and skills makes the Brazilian community in Ireland incredibly vibrant. It is not just a group of immigrants, but a collective of entrepreneurs and innovators.

The president of the Brazil-Ireland Chamber of Commerce, Fernanda Hermanson, emphasized the diverse nature of the Brazilian community in Ireland. The majority of Brazilian companies in Ireland are manufacturing and food related, but also include beauty salons, restaurants and IT services. A notable fact is that 82% of these companies are owned by women, a reflection of the many Brazilian families who move “as a couple”, with men often working in engineering and women undertaking their own businesses. This female entrepreneurial spirit is a driving force behind many successful businesses in Ireland.

The Rising Sectors: Contributions to the Irish Economy

Brazilian companies that choose Ireland as a destination for their ventures are diverse in their operations. Sectors on the rise include the food industry, where authentic Brazilian products are winning over Irish palates. Brazilian restaurants are becoming popular destinations for ethnic food lovers, offering a little piece of Brazil on Irish soil. Furthermore, the growing demand for unique ingredients and flavors is driving the success of Brazilian products in local supermarkets.

Sectors such as IT services are also gaining prominence, with Brazilian companies offering innovative technology solutions to Irish companies. These partnerships have helped boost Ireland’s information technology economy, creating jobs and business opportunities.

Many Brazilians in Ireland are investing in the beauty industry, with beauty salons specializing in Brazilian hairstyles and treatments gaining prominence. The influence of Brazilian culture on fashion and beauty is becoming increasingly evident, with a public eager for news and trends.

Essential Support for Entrepreneurs: Overcoming Challenges

Although Ireland is known for having a less bureaucratic trading system compared to Brazil, many Brazilian entrepreneurs face challenges understanding local legislation. This is where the Brazil-Ireland Chamber of Commerce comes into play. They have committed to providing a range of services, including detailed information on how to start a business in Ireland and developing practical manuals to guide Brazilian entrepreneurs in this challenging environment.

For those just starting out, understanding the process of starting a business in Ireland, from legal requirements to tax aspects, can be challenging. The Chamber is offering workshops and consultancies to guide entrepreneurs through this process. Additionally, they will offer assistance in obtaining licenses and permits, ensuring that Brazilian companies comply with all local regulations.

Networking and Onboarding Events: Building Business Relationships

The Brazil-Ireland Chamber of Commerce is not only focused on the bureaucratic part of business, but also on creating opportunities for connection and integration. She plans to establish a series of networking events to accommodate all types of companies. These events will not only help entrepreneurs connect and share their experiences, but will also allow them to familiarize themselves with the Irish market, meeting business partners and potential customers.

These networking events will be valuable moments for entrepreneurs to share their success stories, challenges overcome and growth strategies. Furthermore, they will offer a unique opportunity to promote Brazilian products and services in Ireland. The exchange of ideas and collaboration between Brazilian and Irish companies has the potential to further boost economic growth in both countries.

Connections Across Borders: Facilitating International Trade

The Brazil-Ireland Chamber of Commerce will not be limited to just supporting Brazilian companies in Ireland. Its main focus will be to assist Brazilian companies that wish to export their products and services to Ireland. This is particularly relevant as many Brazilian companies face challenges accessing raw materials and supplies, and want to bring them from Brazil.

The president of the Chamber, Fernanda Hermanson, emphasized that 33% of Brazilian companies in Ireland face difficulties accessing raw materials and supplies. The Chamber plans to fill this gap by connecting companies in Brazil with companies in Ireland, providing access to essential raw materials and supplies. This will not only simplify import logistics but also strengthen trade ties between the two countries.

A Promising Future: Continued Success

As the community of Brazilian entrepreneurs in Ireland continues to grow and prosper, the Brazil-Ireland Chamber of Commerce will play a crucial role in facilitating this growth. Their commitment to diversity and inclusion, together with their dedication to providing practical support and valuable information, is a clear sign that a bright future awaits those who wish to follow their entrepreneurial dreams in Ireland.

The success of these Brazilian companies in Ireland not only benefits their owners, but also enriches the Brazilian community as a whole and contributes to the Irish economy. As the Brazil-Ireland Chamber of Commerce establishes itself as a driving force behind these achievements, we can expect to see even more Brazilian entrepreneurs achieving success on Irish soil.

In short, the increasing presence of Brazilian entrepreneurs in Ireland is a success story that is just beginning. With the support and guidance of the Brazil-Ireland Chamber of Commerce, the future is bright for those who dare to follow their business dreams in the beautiful land of clovers. Embrace the opportunities, be part of this growing community and write your own Irish success story. The integration of cultures, the entrepreneurial spirit and the passion for trade are shaping an exciting chapter in the history of commercial relations between Brazil and Ireland.

Author: Thiago

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