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Barbecue in Dublin: The Best Restaurants and Incredible Tips for an Unforgettable Experience!

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What’s up guys! Are you ready to embark on a succulent and delicious journey through the best barbecue restaurants in Dublin? If your answer was a resounding “yes”, then hold on to that emotion, because we’re going to take you on a real mouth-watering gastronomic tour! After all, who said that to enjoy an authentic Brazilian barbecue in Irish lands you need to have a sunny day? Let the rain go and come with us to try these delights!

  1. Mister S – The Taste of Perfection!


Imagine a place where fire is the star and barbecue is elevated to the rank of culinary art. That place is Mister S, located on lively Camden Street Lower. If you haven’t yet tried the dishes of this gastronomic paradise, get ready for a unique experience. Here, the barbecue is masterfully prepared, using charcoal and different types of wood to enhance the flavor of meat, fish and even vegetarian options.

And it’s not just the food that’s amazing! The atmosphere is relaxed and modern, perfect for a dinner with friends or a special date. Oh, and don’t forget to book in advance, as this popular place tends to fill up quickly!

  1. Bah33 – The Gaucho Party in Dublin!

If you like a more interactive experience and want to feel the energy of traditional gaucho barbecues, Bah33 is the right choice! Located on the bustling Dawson Street, this restaurant will transport you straight to a little piece of southern Brazil. Waiters circulate around the room bringing succulent skewers of different meats, and you can choose whatever you want to taste. If you’re hungry, just turn the light to green; if you’re satisfied, just turn to red!

It is a true feast of flavors, accompanied by a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Good food, friends around and a lot of joy, that’s the Bah33 experience!

  1. Asador – Barbecue with an Iberian Touch!

If you’re looking for a barbecue with a touch of sophistication, you can’t miss Asador, on the charming Haddington Road. The chefs at this incredible place have had the opportunity to learn about the craft of grilling in Spain, Portugal and Argentina, and they bring that rich experience to the restaurant’s dishes.

With a variety of menus ranging from small portions to main dishes of grilled meats and even risottos, Asador is a sure choice for those who want a refined and delicious barbecue. And for those who don’t want to give up the outdoor barbecue atmosphere, the Asador offers a heated terrace that is just perfect!

  1. Smokin Bones – Irish Barbecue with a Brazilian Flavor!

With humble beginnings as a market stall, Smokin Bones has captured the hearts of Dubliners and Brazilians living in Ireland. With three locations across the city, this place is synonymous with authenticity and flavor. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, ideal for gathering friends and sharing unique moments.

The meats are carefully prepared and smoked, and the result is a barbecue with an Irish touch, but with the unmistakable flavor of Brazil. And we cannot fail to mention the delicious options of fries that accompany the meats. It’s an explosion of flavors that will make your mouth water just remembering!

  1. Pitt Bros – Classic Barbecue with an Irish Flavor!

Our last stop on this food tour is the darling Pitt Bros, located on George’s Street Upper. For more than a decade, this restaurant has been enchanting everyone with its incredible dishes and special care in choosing ingredients, always prioritizing local products and high quality meats.

The secret of Pitt Bros’ success lies in its exclusive custom-made grills, which smoke the meat for more than 12 hours, resulting in a unique and irresistible flavor. With options of meat combos, juicy burgers and several variations of fries, this place is a true paradise for barbecue lovers.

5 more tips to enjoy your moments with good meat

Now that we know the main barbecue spots in Dublin, it’s time to spice up this gastronomic adventure even more! After all, we are talking about good food and fun, so get ready for some more unmissable tips to make the most of this delicious tour:

  1. Barbecue On-The-Go – Do It Yourself!

It’s no secret that we Brazilians love getting our hands dirty, or rather, meat! How about taking advantage of the sunny days (or even the rainy ones!) and organizing an impromptu barbecue in a park or green area in Dublin? Gather your friends, buy the meats, sausages, garlic bread and that special sauce, and voilà! You will have an authentic Brazilian-style barbecue. Oh, and don’t forget to bring a soccer ball to complete the fun!

  1. Amateur Barbecue Contest – Who Gets the Best?

Do you consider yourself a barbecue master? It’s time to prove your skills! Organize an amateur barbecue competition among the Brazilian community in Ireland. Each participant brings their best recipe, and everyone can taste the creations and vote for their favorite. The winner or winner wins the title of “Master of the Year Barbecue” and, of course, the admiration of all those present!

  1. Thematic Barbecue – Travel Through the World of Flavors!

How about giving the barbecue an international touch? Each guest can bring a typical barbecue dish from their country of origin. So, in addition to enjoying the delicious Brazilian barbecue, you will have the opportunity to try Argentine, Uruguayan, American, Australian barbecue and much more! It will be a real barbecue around the world, and the flavors will explode on your palate!

  1. Samba Show and Barbecue – The Perfect Combination!

Let’s unite the best of cooking with the best of music! Organize an event with a live samba show and all-you-can-eat barbecue. The contagious energy of the samba will cheer everyone up, and the barbecue will guarantee everyone’s satiety. Call your friends, put the beer on ice and get ready for an unforgettable Brazilian party in Irish lands!

  1. Food, Fun and Friends – The Best Barbecue is Shared!

At the end of the day, what really matters is the company of friends and shared fun. Barbecue is synonymous with meeting, laughing, shared stories and good times. So, be sure to enjoy every moment next to those you love. Take advantage of the gastronomic experience in Dublin to strengthen ties, create new friendships and live intensely each mouthful of this delicious journey!

We hope you had as much fun as we did on this adventure through the world of barbecue in Dublin! Now, just choose which of these amazing options you’re going to try first. Be sure to tell us in the comments which was your favorite restaurant or if you put into practice any of our tips for an unforgettable barbecue. Oh, and don’t forget to share this article with all your Brazilian friends in Ireland. After all, good barbecue is shared barbecue!

So, let’s get out of the routine and make the barbecue a feast of flavors and laughter! Share this list with your Brazilian friends in Ireland and let’s make these places famous, because good barbecue is shared barbecue! Enjoy and tag that friend who is already mouth watering and crazy to experience these wonders in Dublin!

Always remember: no matter the season, barbecue is always an excellent choice! Bon appetit, everyone! 🍖🔥😋

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