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All About Crime in Ireland

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If you want to go to Ireland, know that crime rates in Ireland are one of the main factors that lead more and more foreigners to look for this place to live. One of the biggest concerns of Brazilians is public safety, so when we think about visiting or moving to another country, we soon want to know about the crime rates. So let’s get to know a little more about crime in Ireland.

One of Ireland’s leading crime statisticians is theThe police, which organizes the police and national security. They conduct periodic surveys of crime in Ireland. Therefore, if you want to study this subject in more depth, you can follow their website.

According to the August 2022 survey, the types of crime that are on the rise in Ireland are:

  • home burglary
  • theft from people
  • fraud
  • Crimes against the person (aggression and damage)

These types of crimes have seen a significant increase in percentages, however, it should be noted that in absolute numbers, crime in Ireland is highly controlled. You can verify this on the website of the Vision of Humanity, which places Ireland as the third safest country in the world to live.

The search on this site takes several factors to rank countries, such as:

  • number of homicides
  • internal conflicts
  • prison population
  • Crimes per 1000 inhabitants
  • violent crimes
  • Relations with neighboring countries
  • terrorist actions

There are many other indexes that the research takes into account, so this is a very detailed analysis. In this same survey, Brazil ranks 130 out of 163 countries evaluated.

Crime data

According to the An garda Síochána survey, in 2022 the crime rate in Ireland is increasing, when compared to 2021, however, when compared to the period before the pandemic, the numbers are positive, so Ireland is considered a of the safest countries to live in.

Several actions by the Irish police are being undertaken to keep Ireland as one of the safest countries in the world. There are several programs for anonymous complaints, in addition, the presence of police on the streets has increased and specific operations, such as Operation Thor, which fights crime in its first instance, are constantly being developed.

Public safety in ireland

Therefore, Ireland is undoubtedly a safe country to live in, even more so when compared to Brazil. It is worth mentioning that, however, we cannot fail to advise you to take basic precautions for your safety when you are on the Emerald Island.

  • Avoid isolated and abandoned locations
  • Walk in crowded places, especially at night
  • Respect national culture and symbols
  • Keep your distance from people, or groups of people, who are drunk

Another important piece of information is that most crimes take place in the capital Dublin, because it is the largest city in the country, therefore, it concentrates the highest number of crime occurrences.

That way, if you still want to feel safer, you can choose to visit or live in smaller cities, such as:

  • Galway
  • Cork
  • Limerick
  • Bray
  • Wicklow
  • Ennis

If you want to go to Ireland and are concerned about crime in the country, rest assured that you will be in a safe and controlled environment. Taking some basic care, you will have a peaceful stay in Ireland, whether visiting or living in the country.

Author: Thiago

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