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A practical guide to tourism in Ireland for Brazilians

Castle Ireland

Tourism in Ireland is one of the fastest growing options among Brazilians. Those who visit the country are enchanted by the natural beauties and the hospitality of the hosts. Those looking for a charming atmosphere, with festive pubs, rich culture, with great options for musical events and privileged nature, Ireland offers everything a tourist wants to relax and enjoy a vacation to feel refreshed.

With the growing number of students going to Ireland to exchange, the search for this country for those who want to tour Europe has also increased. This is because the students themselves witness all the positive aspects of the country and become a spokesperson for the benefits of tourism in Ireland to their friends and family.

Flight and accommodation

When you do a search on websites that offer flights to Dublin, you will realize that the ticket price is not very expensive. In mid-2022, for example, tickets cost between R$4,000 and R$6,000 per person, round trip, in low season, such as March, September or October, for example.

Lodging can be done in hotels or separate accommodations, such as rooms or entire apartments. Hotels, with breakfast included, can charge between BRL 800 and BRL 1,300 for good standard accommodation in reputable establishments. In houses, or rooms, rented through specialized websites can be around R$ 400, in accommodation with well-recommended hosts.

In high season (July, December and January), these values ​​can rise by up to 40%. It is worth noting that on March 17th, St. Patrick Day, and accommodations can get more expensive closer to this date.

Other expenses

When touring Ireland, you will want to visit the restaurants and enjoy its rich cuisine. Although it is not possible to calculate an exact value of meal prices, we can indicate a variation by meal.

  • Breakfast – Between 3 and 15 Euros
  • Lunch – 10 and 20 Euros
  • Dinner – 15 to 60 Euros

Usually, the price of dinner is usually the highest. This can be seen, not only when touring Ireland, but in most European and North American countries.

For shopping, you can go to small neighborhood shops, street markets or a network of markets. In Ireland there are no hypermarkets like in Brazil, but you will always find basic ingredients like coffee, rice, bread, sugar, fruits and vegetables. A basic purchase, containing a packet of coffee, a packet of rice (half a kilo), loaf of bread, butter, pasta (half a kilo), canned beans and sugar should cost about ten euros.

If, when touring Ireland, you want to buy Brazilian products, you can visit the markets located at the following addresses:

  • 58-66 from Parnell Street 
  • 29 from Liffey Street Lower 
  • 71 from Capel Street
  • 6 from Capel Street

As you can see, for tourism in Ireland you don’t have to spend a lot, as in major tourist centers in Europe. However, as the cost of living in that country is higher than in Brazil, it is evident that you will spend more than you would here, but still, it is worth the trip, knowing that you will spend it on good quality products. and in memorable moments.

Author: Thiago

I moved to Ireland 2012. I work as a business administrator and travel a lot to Europe with my work. I enjoy writing and athletics during my vacation and try to visit friends and family every year in Brazil.
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