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10 Christmas Tree Farms in Ireland to Visit in 2023

Christmas Tree Farm Ireland

The Christmas spirit is in the air, and it’s time to start planning the perfect holiday decorations. Nothing marks the start of the holiday season like the search for the ideal Christmas tree. To make this tradition even more special, we’ve put together a list of 10 Christmas tree farms in Ireland that offer an enchanting experience for the whole family.

Dublin & Wicklow

Anderson Christmas Tree Farm

Located in the rolling hills of the Dublin Mountains, Anderson Christmas Tree Farm offers not only stunning Christmas trees but also a unique family experience. With stunning views of the mountains and Dublin city lights, this farmhouse is a perfect choice for creating special memories.

Kavanagh Christmas Trees

Just west of the picturesque village of Newtownmountkennedy in County Wicklow lies Kavanagh Christmas Tree Farm. With a large selection of award-winning, high-quality trees, this farm is a must-see destination for finding the perfect tree.

Christmas Tree Barn

If you’re short on time to get to the mountains but still want a quality tree, the Christmas Tree Barn in Sandyford is the right choice. Located in Dublin 18, it offers a large selection of the two most popular species: Nordmann Fir and Noble Fir.

Killakee Christmas Tree Farm

Nestled in the hills of the Dublin Mountains, Killakee Christmas Tree Farm offers spectacular views of Dublin and a variety of Christmas trees to choose from. Book your time in advance as slots fill up quickly.

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Glencullen Christmas Tree Farm

Next to the famous Johnnie Fox’s pub, Glencullen Christmas Tree Farm has been operating for 12 years, providing quality trees and unique experiences for families. Located in Glencullen, County Dublin, it is a charming option to celebrate the Christmas spirit.


Caplice’s Christmas Tree Farm

If a trip to beautiful Tipperary is in your plans, be sure to check out Caplice’s Christmas Tree Farm in Skeheenarinky. Just 13 minutes south of Cahir town, it offers a cozy warm-up with a cup of tea and chocolate lollipops for the kids


Cavangarden Christmas Tree Farm

Located just 6 minutes’ drive north of Ballyshannon, Cavangarden Christmas Tree Farm, run by the McGarrigle family, has been growing and selling Christmas trees for over 40 years. A must-visit if you’re in the northwest.


Inniscarra Christmas Tree Farm

Nestled in the Lee Valley, less than 9km from Cork city, Inniscarra Christmas Tree Farm is a 6-acre family farm in operation since 2018. Offering a warm welcome and beautiful views of the Lee Valley, plus hot chocolate and marshmallows to keep warm.

Cork Christmas Tree Farm

Across the River Lee from Inniscarra is the Cork Christmas Tree Farm in Currabeg Ovens, County Cork. The plantation offers a huge selection of Christmas trees of different shapes, sizes and varieties, allowing you to choose the perfect tree for your home.


Galway Christmas Tree Farm

A short drive east of Athenry in County Galway is Meadow Lane Farm, home of Galway Christmas Trees. With three main varieties of Christmas trees, including Norway Spruce, Nordmann Fir, and Lodgepole Pine, this farm offers a unique experience for choosing and wrapping your tree before taking it home.

Choosing the Right Tree

Discover the Varieties

Before you embark on your Christmas tree search, familiarize yourself with the different varieties available. Popular options include Nordmann Fir, known for its soft needles and needle retention, and Noble Fir, which has a lovely fragrance.

Size matters

When choosing a tree, take into account the space available in your home. Measure the ceiling height and consider the width of the tree to ensure it fits perfectly in your chosen location.

Test the Freshness

A fresh tree is essential to maintain its beauty throughout the holidays. Gently shake the branches and run your hand through the needles; they must be flexible and not brittle. A fresh tree will stay green and lush longer.

Post-Purchase Care Tips

Cut the Trunk

When you get home, make a new cut in the tree trunk. This helps open the vessels that carry water, allowing the tree to absorb more nutrients and stay fresh longer.

Adequate Hydration

Place the tree in a stand filled with water immediately. Christmas trees can absorb large amounts of water, especially in the first few days. Always keep the holder full to prolong freshness.

Strategic location

Avoid placing the tree in places close to heat sources, such as radiators or fireplaces. Excessive heat will accelerate needle loss. Also, position it away from cold drafts.

Decorate Carefully

When decorating the tree, distribute the ornaments evenly so as not to overcrowd one side. Start with the lights, followed by large decorations and, finally, the finer details. This creates a balanced and charming look.

Sustainability in Choosing a Christmas Tree

Live Trees in Pots

Consider choosing a live tree in a pot. After the festivities, the tree can be planted in your garden, providing years of joy and becoming a sustainable tradition.

Conscious Recycling

If you opt for a cut tree, check the recycling options in your community. Many localities offer programs to collect trees after Christmas to turn them into compost.

Extra Tips for a Memorable Experience

Create a Tradition:

Involving the whole family in choosing the tree can become a lovely tradition. Take photos, have a picnic near the farm and enjoy the moment together.

DIY Crafts:

Customize tree ornaments with DIY craft projects. Involving children in creating decorations adds a special touch and is full of meaning.

Special Decoration Night:

Set aside a special night to decorate the tree as a family. Play holiday music, prepare snacks, and enjoy the holiday spirit as you transform the tree into a festive work of art.

With these amazing options and helpful tips, your search for the perfect Christmas tree in Ireland will be more special than ever. Enjoy the holiday spirit while creating lasting memories with your family. Happy Holidays!

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